Armageddon my axe!

A couple of us WCW bros took the trip up to Auckland on Labour Weekend to check out the awesomeness that was the Auckland Armageddon (sorry Welly, these guys were badass!) and signed a few books while we were there. This was the first time the book has been released to the public, and people were very surprised when we ambushed them from behind the folding table, holding them at pencil-point and screeching "Your money or your life!". Most people obliged, enthusiastically.

Present were Paul "The Teeth" Tobin, Clarice "Hacksaw" Hackett, Dangerous Dylan Coburn, Nasty Nick Hamilton and Greg Broadmore. The lovely Kate Jorgenson wrestled us back by our shackles to join the chain gang on SH1 when we were finished.

If we didn't see you there, but you'd like to get a signed copy, more of us will be at the Unity Bookshop, Willis Str on Saturday 30th Oct at 5pm or The Weta Cave, cnr Manuka and Camperdown rd, Miramar on the 14th of November.


SixHawks said...

'The teeth' Tobin?? Is there something Paul hasn't told me.

Looks like a good time had by all!

SixHawks said...

And how did that guy in the red shirt get inside the glass case??