Fairy Tales

Beauty and the beast.

EDIT: Acutally, looking at this now, I think the crop is a little awkward. I was shifting it to fit the book proportions, but... I could have been cleverer about it. I think I'll try taking it in a little and playing up the shadows on the back of Belle's leg (yup, Belle was the original name of the beauty - it's not just a disney thing). Tralala.

The 'Blue' Movie

I've been warned that if I don't update, I'll be in trouble. So here's me updating, so I'm not in trouble, yes?

I don't care what I read in the reviews, I loved Avatar. I loved it, because it was full of lovely big blue kitty-men in loincl- I mean, the effects were fantastic and the character design was beautiful. Though, I won't be painting myself blue and joining any "Na'vi" groups soon... I'd trip over the tail.